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DSCN2837You can find all information about the Parish Council in the links on the right including access to our Agendas, Minutes and Accounts, and discover who your Parish Councillors are.

Here in Bucklesham there are three different ‘Councils’ that have an impact on the village: Suffolk County Council, East Suffolk Council, and us – Bucklesham Parish Council.

Bucklesham Parish Council (BPC)

Bucklesham Parish Council is the foundation tier of the Council ladder. We are all unpaid volunteers who live in the village. The Parish Council is responsible for the following elements:

The Playing Field – We insure, maintain, improve, and arrange safety inspections on the Playing Field. We are ably assisted by volunteer Playing Field Manager, David Riddleston and FOPs, Friends of the Playing field.

DSCN2811Planning Applications – We do not determine planning applications. We are a statutory consultee for ESC, and our opinion is sought for every application concerning property in the village. If you have a strong opinion about an application, please let us know. You can learn more about planning here. 

Street Furniture Provision – We purchase and maintain the litter and dog bins in the village. We manage the bus shelter, the notice boards and the grit bins and all the benches.

Bucklesham Bugle ~ The Bugle is a quarterly publication sharing village news and advertising local events, clubs and groups. Your Parish Councillors collate information, write and distribute it. If you would like something included, please let us know.

DSCN2819Community Council ~ Your Parish Councillors undertake the administration of the Community Council. The Parish Council is permitted to give grants to groups and organisations who provide a service or benefit to the community. For larger projects, which the Parish Council may not be able to fund in whole, we may be able to apply for a grant from other sources. Acting as the Community Council we have successfully applied for several grants to help many village projects.  For more details just contact the Clerk on buckleshampc@gmail

East Suffolk Council (ESC, formally Suffolk Coastal District Council) 

ESDC was created following a merger of Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils in April 2019. Bucklesham lies in the ‘Orwell and the Villages’ Ward. ESDC manage elements of our daily lives such as Council Tax, housing needs, leisure facilities, elections, some benefits and Planning Applications. Our District Councillors are Lee Reeves lee.reeves@eastsuffolk.gov.uk and Mike Ninnmey mike.ninnmey@eastsuffolk.gov.uk

DSCN2797In addition, East Suffolk Services are contractors who deal with many tasks including grass cutting, supply and emptying of dog and litter bins, and refuse collection. We use the services of ESS to cut the grass on the Playing Field and cut the plum hedge on Main Road.

Suffolk County Council (SCC)

SCC cover the whole of Suffolk County and manage Highways (including footpaths), Education, Healthcare, waste recycling, Children’s Services and community safety, among many other elements. Our County Councillor in Bucklesham is Patti Mulcahy patti.mulcahy@suffolk.gov.uk 

If you are unsure who to contact in the first instance, feel free to contact the Parish Council Clerk at buckleshampc@gmail.com and we will point you in the right direction