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Annual Parish Meetings

Annual Assembly of the Parish - also known as the Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Assembly of the Parish is an effective forum for local government electors to discuss matters specific to the Parish. It provides an opportunity for Bucklesham Village organisations to inform residents of their activities and to answer questions.

MeetingThe Annual Parish Meeting is not a Parish Council meeting, however it is held just before the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council so the Parish Council is in attendance.  

• We always hold the APM between 1st March and 1st of June.

• It is convened by the Chairman of the Council and the Clerk puts together the agenda.

• It can be held on any day and hour that the Parish Council fix, but will not be earlier that 6.00pm.

• It will usually be held in the Village Hall.

• We will give at least seven clear days’ public notice of the meeting and the business to be transacted. The notice period will increase to at least 14 clear days if the Parish will be deciding a matter relating to its governance, e.g. establishing/dissolving a council.

• The Chair of the Parish Council will preside. Only electors for the parish can vote on any matter.

• The Parish Council will produce a report detailing the activities of the Council in the last year, the budget and contact details of its Councillors. We also invite the District and County Councillors to give a report and an opportunity to answer questions from the electorate.

• We invite all Village Groups and Organisations, as well as the School and the Church, to submit a report for the meeting detailing their activities in the past year.

For the Agenda and the Reports from the Annual Parish Meetings please click on the links below