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Community Council

All Bucklesham Parish Councillors are also Community Council Trustees. 

The Community Council was formed in 1967 to

'provide adequate recreational facilities, playing field and playground for the benefit of the community residing in Bucklesham'

and it has been a constant fund-raising charity for the village ever since.  Following the retirement of the entire Community Council in 2019, all the Parish Councillors stepped forward in order to keep the Bucklesham Community Council as a working charity for the village. The Parish Council feel the Community Council is a vital asset for the village which needs to be protected.

DSCN2892Many grants and awards of money are only available to Community Councils and are not open to Parish Councils. In fact, many grants are not available at all to villages without a Community Council. There has been a Community Council in Bucklesham for decades when it was first set up to manage the playing field. As Parish Councillors, and also Community Councillors, we can ensure that the constitution is fully adhered to and that any money raised under the auspices of the Community Council is spent solely in the village and on village projects. We continue to manage the Playing Field, providing facilities for the whole village to enjoy. We also fundraise to provide for any village group that needs our support.

We will endeavour to find suitable trustees to ensure it can continue in the future, but until that time the Parish Councillors will continue to protect the Charitable status. A Community Council AGM is held every year and an Annual Report given at the Annual Parish Meeting. In the interests of transparency, all Community Council business is open to public scrutiny as an agenda item at Parish Council meetings. The Latest Community Council Accounts can be found here.

Community Council Constitution Equal Opportunities Policy
Safeguarding Policy Health and Safety Policy


We would love to hear from any villagers who feel able to join the Community Council along with the Parish Councillors.

If you would like to apply for a grant from the Bucklesham Parish Council (acting as the Community Council) to support your Bucklesham Club, Society or Group just let us know.

Contact the Parish Council Clerk  at buckleshampc@gmail.com