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Archer Cartwright Fuel Allotment Charity



This local charity is governed by the Charity Commissioners. The earliest reference to the charity was called The Fuel Allotment Charity dated in 1805. The subject being 20 acres and 5 perches of land leased to local farmers.

The Charity of Reverent John Cartwright was registered on 18th January 1843. The interest from his bequest of land was for the purchase and distribution of coals at Christmas time each year to the poor and deserving residents of Bucklesham. The charity of Charles Henry Archer was registered on 29th June 1936. The Trustees agreed to combine the Fuel Allotment charity and the Archer Cartwright charity as a single charity, there for perpetuating the names of the original benefactors.

The Charity is run by five Trustees. The Rector of Bucklesham Ex Officio trustee, two nominative Trustees appointed by the Parish Council for four years and two co-operative Trustees appointed by the Trustees for five years.

Land belonging to the charity is rented out to local farmers to provide an income to the charity. The Trustees who meet twice a year distribute some of these funds to the Parishioners of Bucklesham on low incomes inviting them to put a request in writing to the Trustees. The Trustees will also consider requests for financial assistance from Bucklesham Clubs and Societies.

Contact Mrs Jenny Cribb

8 Green Crescent, Bucklesham


Clerk to the Trustees.