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Online Clubs

Resourceful Bucklesham Villagers didn't let the little inconvenience of a World Wide Lock down stop them from participating in their favourite pastimes and hobbies. See below all the online clubs and societies started up during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. 

To ask for your details to be passed onto the relevant group, please contact the Parish Council Clerk at buckleshampc@gmail.com

Facebook ~ Bucklesham Friends Group BFG

Very many thanks to everyone who has contributed and looked at Bucklesham Friends Group. It has been a delight to see all your contributions and just to see how well individuals in a community can come together to support each other when the going gets tough.

Love tree2Also, many thanks to all those who contributed to our community Tree of Hearts. We had over 220 hearts, either knitted crocheted or sewn and it looks fabulous! The tree is a symbol of "LOVE BUCKLESHAM” and the ongoing expressions of loving kindness, friendship and care within our community, which has continued to grow during the pandemic. When we can all meet together (hopefully in the summer), we will have tea and cake in the church and invite all to see the tree and the community quilted wall-hanging. Following this, we will deliver one of the hearts to every household in Bucklesham.

We now have eight groups listed under ‘Events’ on the Facebook Group. Here is a quick summary of how things are going in each group:

Bucklesham Gardeners

We have seen through the posts and photographs on the BFG just how many wonderful gardeners there are in Bucklesham. It has been lovely to share in other people's gardens which we know from our own experience are the result of a lot of hard work. We may not be able to see the real thing yet, but it is an inspiration to see what can be done. Right at the beginning of 'lock down' I planted sunflower seeds in pots and put them outside our gate and encouraged people to take one and let us know if they had any success - mine was a complete failure but I believe one or two did germinate! Happy Gardening everyone.


Bucklesham Knitters

xmas tree3Bucklesham Knitters have been very busy during lock down making cannula covers for neo-natal babies, hats for The Seamen’s Mission and knitted squares for a community Christmas tree. Those who crochet have also been joining in with making lots of green squares. Sharing photographs of our creations on BFG Facebook page has been a great way of connecting those with similar interests.


Bucklesham Birdwatchers

Villagers have been spotting a selection of common birds each week and summarised on a graph to compare popularity of different species. The joys have also been the photos people have taken at close range and anecdotes about the behaviour they witnessed. We have some keen and knowledgeable people who have contributed and given us information about bird habits and behaviour, so thank you and please keep the stats and informative comments rolling in.


Bucklesham Singers

Bucklesham Singing Group was set up for all who love music and find it helpful in so many ways. It is not just for singers, this group is for sharing music; something that inspires you, cheers you and helps you in these times of ‘lock down’. You can add a link to a YouTube video, add lyrics to a song, or simply suggest a song or a piece of music that you enjoy for others to discover.


Bucklesham Quilters

Thanks also to everyone who contributed to the Bucklesham Community Wall hanging, created to commentate this unusual time of COVID 19, which is now completed. In the first instance it will go on display in Bucklesham Church. Please take a look when you can and we all hope you like it, we think it’s an amazing addition to Bucklesham social history.

We would love to see what others made during lock down.


Bucklesham Walkers

Bucklesham Walkers have met over the last two years and put the world to rights whilst having a ramble on Monday mornings. Sadly, as soon as restrictions came in we had to stop. We have been posting pictures of our own walks and those who have not been able to leave their home have still been able to see the changing views around Bucklesham. We are all missing our Monday walks and are sure to start again as and when we can.


Bucklesham Foodies

Most of us love to eat and many Bucklesham residents love to cook. Photographs of a variety of creations from biscuits and scones to elaborate celebration cakes have been shared. Bucklesham Friends Group Facebook page is a great place to find inspiration and to share information about food websites/deliveries recipes etc.


Bucklesham Wildlife

Bucklesham Wildlife includes anything from bugs to bats that we see around the village. It is great to see how people have shown an interest, especially when they comment that they might not have done so before. It has allowed us to connect with people that we did not know and a welcome distraction from the news. We have had stories and pictures of spiders, voles, rabbits, deer, butterflies, moths and a host of bugs. It would be good to find a way of involving more people, especially youngsters. It would be nice to think that we were encouraging the next generation of nature lovers. Maybe the next David Attenborough might come from Bucklesham.